DIA Gate A53

OK, Now I’m off for real.
Kissing Jenny goodbye was so difficult It felt surreal. I know, I know, it’s ten weeks, maybe a couple of days more, but for the first time, I actually feel like we will be parted. She’s gone home to Vermont several times, while I looked after the dogs, but we talked everyday, and she was never gone more than a week. sigh.

I am making this more than a document. Excuse me. But get used to it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a man driven by emotion. Logic has it’s place in day to day existence, but Nothing about this adventure is normal…much less common. I only know one other person who has done this adventure, and he and I are very different.
Your welcome to read his blog if you’ll rather not get emotional.

WELL, we are off to an auspicious start! There are maybe ten people here at the gate an hour before the flight and the customer service person has just made a page asking if a single passenger over the age of 15 is willing to trade his seat for the window seat of an exit row! The booked passenger is 12, and can’t be responsible for opening the emergency door. I was walking up to the gate before she finished her sentence. I was laughing out loud when she finished her page by saying “I think I’ve found our substitute.” Let’s hope my luck continues on the ten hour flight to Sydney. I guess this blog will have lot’s of Happy emotions as we’ll.
3:12pm Sunday Dec. 1.


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