LAX Shuttle bay

No problems at all on the first flight. An exceptional ride to be honest. Lots of legroom and a very pleasant companion.

Matt Horton, a metallurgical specialist, heading home to LA after visiting family in Colorado. We had lot’s to talk about, and he was very happy to hear about my trip to Antarctica. We spoke a lot about traveling, as he clearly has logged many more miles than I have. He showed some pictures of a trip to South Korea that made me a little jealous. But then we talked about Ireland where he has not yet been; but the man has plans! And those plans made me a little jealous too. Good luck to you Matt. Thanks again for your friendliness.

Upon arrival in LAX we find that the flight to Sydney has been delayed. We won’t be boarding till 1:15am LA time. I hope to find a wifi soon and get these las two posts up.

Just a quick comment on LAX itself, be friendly, and hope to God there is at least one other person from your first flight looking for the same connecting flight. Which I have found. And we are now at the correct gate for Sydney. We’ll, I am. He had a pass for the Quantas
Airlines lounge. Maybe on the return trip I’ll try to get in. 🙂


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