Ah, Captain, my Captain

Sometimes a major flight delay can be a good thing.

I was waiting at the gate till boredom overtook patience. Down to the Food court to look around. People watching is amazing at an international airport. I got to see the fourth quarter of the Giants – Redskins game, so at least I saw one of the Manning boys win today.

Then a man sat down next to me in the only open seat at the counter. It didn’t take more than a minute to get the conversation going.
HE is on a twelve hour flight with a happy ending in…Manilla I believe. When I told him I was off to Christchurch, New Zealand, he asked right away if I was in the oil business. Don’t I wish. But that got an hour long conversation started. He has been a ships Captain for decades. Perfectly appropriate for a man named John Paul Jones! Now that’s not true his last name is Stormont, but I figured if I didn’t mention the famous captain of the US Navy first, you might not get the connection. But history was our connection for the better part of our conversation. History and international relations. He asked what the word on my Jersey was and I told him it was the Irish spelling of my family name which of course, opened the door to talk of Ireland…Stormont after all is the name of one of the seats of power in the Republic. I don’t have to tell any of you readers how much fun it is for me to talk ALL things Irish and Scottish. That hour flew passed and then his flight was called and he was off. Meanwhile, my flight was delayed a second time. We will leave LAX at 2:40am.

Extensively traveled, although most of his work has kept him in the North Pacific, the Bering Straights, and all waters off Alaska. Some of the most dangerous waters in the world. I suppose I should protect his privacy by trimming some of the details of our talk, but I compliment him on his confidence and pride. And if you do find this blog Captain I highly recommend you get the Kilt if only for your family reunions.



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