Sudima Hotel at last.

It is now 2:45am on what seems to be Dec 4 already. I am exhausted and not thinking clearly. I had no trouble clearing customs although the line seemed unusually long. Our flight was delayed leaving Sydney, so we landed at about the same time other planes were filling up the airport as well.

There was no one from ASC to meet our plane. That was no surprise, it being well after midnight local time when we landed, and the extra time through security would have made things even worse for some poor soul to have to sit through. I read through the paperwork itinerary again and figured there would be someone at the Antarctic Center to guide me to the hotel.

I left the terminal and walked over to the Antarctic Center on the far side of the parking lot of the airport. About a block away. Not too far really, considering it’s an airport. The temperature was in the 50s, and the breeze was gentle but constant. When I got to the Center it was closed. I walked around the grounds to the south and west, but saw nothing open. I took a few photos, and headed back to the terminal to call for a shuttle to whichever hotel had my reservation. It only took 2 free phone calls to find it. When the driver arrived about two minutes later, he drove me right back beyond the parking lot to within a hundred yards of where I had been on the grounds of the Antarctic Center. The Hotel was the first building to the North and East of where I was standing.
42 hours without sleep is not a good thing. More in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Sudima Hotel at last.

  1. Hi Tim!!! I finally had a chance to check out your blog. I am so proud of you for doing this. You are a good writer. I just can’t believe you are down there, although since Denver is in a deep freeze all week, we have been talking about Antarctica. (it goes from -10 to +10, approx… – very weird) Stay safe and have a blast – this adventure will fly by!!!

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