Sydney AU. Noon Dec 3

Wow. I had forgotten how long 14 hours feels with you butt cheeks stuck in one spot the whole time. It doesn’t help to know that I lost an entire Dec 2nd during the flight. I feel as if I’ve been sitting upright for 35 hours!

No luck with a change of seating this time. I was fortunate to have an aisle seat, and more fortunate that the seat beside me was never booked. I was comfortable for the first six hours or so, but fanny fatigue is a very real thing when your fanny has as little padding as mine. The food was delicious, and the attendants did a great job. I didn’t even know there were children on board our section until
we were close to landing. And they only really made any noise as the cabin pressure changed during final descent. All told it was a very nice flight. There were some 45 different movies to choose from. I almost regretted the fact I brought a book with me.

I found my way through security with the help of a most gracious Quantus employee. She clearly was a manager or Supervisor on her way to something important, but she dropped it all to not only point me through to the right doorways, and stayed while I cleared the security to the second floor for the Departure flights level. That is a story I’ll need time to tell. And probably best not to ever be written down. 😉

There is much more to tell, but it will have to wait till after lunch.


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