Orientation and outfitting – Dec 4, 9:00am



Orientation was fun and fast this morning. Marlene McLennan, the CDC coordinator is a total sweetheart, very kind and funny. Also, she has excellent enunciation. Why would I say that? Because she knows she is speaking to a room full of mostly Americans who are not familiar with her accent, and she never had to repeat herself. She spoke slowly, clearly, and held everyone’s attention with her smile. And that NZ accent is delightful.

The fitting for our Extreme cold weather gear was next. We had faxed our measurements down to CDC in advance so they could pack a pair of duffles for us with what should fit. Then it was mandatory to try it all on and make adjustments now because there is very little gear available to replace it with once you are on the ice. Now I know what Santa’s Elves do with their own sabbaticals: They outfit people they have never seen before with perfectly measured clothing. I didn’t have to return a thing.

This was so cool too. When I pulled out the big red Parka with the embroidered Antarctic patch on the chest…there was my name already on it. Those elves thought of EVERYTHING!



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