Success! Dec 8, 3:15pm

Great Googly- Moogly!  I have found my way to the wordpress platform I needed to begin posting again.

Thank you all for your patience in this.  The plans we had made so carefully connecting the camera to the ipad, and the ipad to the internet, and the wordpress location that drives the blog and, well lot’s more do-hickeys and what-nots that would bring this adventure to life all depended upon the availability of wifi hotspots here in Antarctica.  And while wifi is – in theory – available here, there is no such thing as a HOT spot anywhere in Antarctica.  I have found out that the wifi is restricted to the scientific communities for research purposes only. Therefor I must go back to the old fashioned way of rerouting my email through wordpress and write everything down in one sitting rather than send bits and pieces through the day.

So this is where we start up again.  I have several pages worth of fun things to recount about the journey already written and stored in the ipad.  If I make friends with the right techno-wizard who can help me get them reformatted, then I will try to get them loaded into this location later in the week.  You may be reading them out of sequence, but it’s better to get this thing started again rather than loose you as an audience entirely while I dink around trying to be perfect.  Chronological Order be damned this is about high adventure, daring do and not taking a shower for six days straight!

As a side note…there’s a whole bunch of techno-wizards here, I should have the pictures up and on the server before Monday Night Football hit’s halftime.  You see it’s Sunday afternoon now for me, but it’s still Saturday evening where you are in Denver.  And I’m gonna stay about 20 hours ahead of you for the next 10 weeks.  Of course that depends on where you are on the planet I suppose.  Captain Stormont might just be an hour behind me, and still laughing at me for coming to The Ice.

Look for more updates.  I am so happy to have accessed this thingy again that I think I will reward myself with that long awaited shower!







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