Jan. 07, 2014 6:ooam

Well I have done it.
I have successfully stayed up all night in order to adjust to my new work schedule.  I will go to dinner here in a few minutes, and then head off to bed.  I have spent about three hours making adjustments to the earlier blog posts, and added pictures where they were not before. This has been a fun and productive process.  It gave me the chance to look back on Happy Camper, and Elvis and some of the fantastic views that are McMurdo Base Antarctica.  I hope that you will enjoy them.
I promise you, even an Oscar winning cinematographer would have a hard time putting these locations on film and give them half of the glory they deserve.  Oh my God!  The camera I am using is a 3 year old Olympus, the best we could afford at the time, and it has served me admirably.  It makes it look like I know what I’m doing, when in truth I have had it on the automatic setting the entire time.  The real hero here is the location.  Images just beg to be shot.
I promise you, there is more to see, and I will bring it to you.
More later today.

Bronco's Southern Most Fan

Bronco’s Southern Most Fan


One thought on “Jan. 07, 2014 6:ooam

  1. Loving your blog Tim, what an excellent adventure. I was so shocked when Jenny posted on Facebook that you were in Antarctica. You’ve always been kind of wild and crazy, but Antarctica? What a life-changing event. All the best.

    P.Sl, I’m wearing the Thompson tartan scarf you gave me for Christmas one year. It was zero degrees F with several inches of snow on the ground when I got up this morning. MT

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