Jan. 13, 2014. 30′ WC 26′

This has been a beautiful day.  Not unlike Colorado, it snowed all night last night, but it was all melted off by noon today.  Now the sun is out, the wind is gone, and I haven’t worn my jacket since I walked into work this morning.

I may be feeling the afterglow of the Bronco’s WIN yesterday.   That kind of post season success must be warming the whole Rocky Mountain region, but there are more than enough Bronco fans down here to advance the ice sheets right down into the sea.  We have to be careful down here.  If we start an Avalanche at this time of year, we won’t have any way to celebrate in March when the Colorado Hockey team needs us… tee-hee-hee.   Bring on them there Patriots!  We have the really, REALLY far South Stands filled, and roaring!

Back to McMurdo.  There are some people here who are not sports fans, and that’s OK.  (Personally, I would rather they not be sport fans at all than have anyone flaunting the Black and Silver.  Grrr!)  So what do the non-sporty types do with their time?  That’s what this particular blog is designed to show.  I’m going to take you on a quick tour of the artistic side of McMurdo Station.  Remember now.  It’s not a military base any more, so get ready to see some slightly off kilter art.  I promise only to show those photos in which Kilts remain ON.  Now I invite you to sit back and appreciate the efforts of artists past and present who do something useful with their free time.

Let us start with the Trolls.  These Nordic creatures pop up here and there around camp.  They seem to appreciate the weather here year round.   One of them lives under a bridge.  So appropriate.

The defender of the VMF.

The defender of the VMF.

No human casualties.  Yet.

No human casualties. Yet…

The penguins are nervous.

But the penguins are nervous.

8" tall Penguin awaiting his nose reduction surgery.

8″ tall Penguin awaiting his nose reduction surgery.

Tortoise  McMurdonus

Tortoise McMurdonus

Not all of the above were made by the same artist, although three of these are within the Vehicle Maintenance Facility itself.   The troll under the bridge is in the interior of the base.  I took a stroll out the back door and found 3 more critters, all within 200 yards of my office.  The skier, so the legend goes, popped up overnight several years back, and no one claimed to be the artist.   He has inspired a lot of further projects that I wish I could give attributes for.  I’ll do a little research and match up the names of the craftsman and year of installation when I can get them.  The scale of the killer whale is most impressive.  Nearly life size.



In Antarctica, there is no such thing as scrap metal.  If some piece of equipment is damaged beyond repair it may be lucky enough to earn a second life as these pieces have.   The whale is scrap taken from a building that was demolished after a fire, I believe.

I’ll have more art for you in coming days.  There is still a lot to show you.



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