Jan. 18, 2014 30′ WC 22′

I’ll get right to good stuff: The Penguins have favored us with their company again.

I was walking home from work this morning, and was simply too tired to worry about walking out of my way down to the peer to see the little dudes again. It is always a treat to see them, but my workload was heavy and I was zonked. I had just made it to the first intersection outside my building when I saw a truck parked right in the middle of the road about 60 yards away. Curious, I walked up to the 4 men standing out in front of the vehicle and heard the laughter before I was within speaking range.

Sure enough, it was penguins causing the mild and totally civilized disruption of work. Again. They simply have that effect on people. The four men were about 10 yards away from the intersection where the birds were wandering around the base of one of the berms built up near a maintenance shop. I like those little instigators. They must have known I was not going to bother finding them this morning, so they came up the hill to find me. And found an entire audience of willing and supportive fans.

What's goin' on man?

What’s goin’ on man?

30 feet from the building


30 feet from the building








The buddy system...

The buddy system…



...McMurdo style!

  …McMurdo style!









And that was not the end of it.  These little fellas were so close to the buildings that as the population woke up for the morning shift, they drew a steady stream of on lookers coming from all the dorms behind where I stood taking these pictures.  They were stopping traffic all morning.    They look so very awkward when you see them up close, but they are amazingly agile, and handle the broken terrain beautifully.  There is much to be said for having a low center of gravity and taking small steps.  I’ll learn this lesson now so when the snow and ice begin to build back up I’ll be ready.








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