Scrappy McMurdo

This will hopefully be a quick posting.   I have a very important meeting this afternoon for the Line handlers, and really need to get some sleep.  It’s after 6:30 am and  just finished the night shift.  On my way home I picked up a piece of trash beside the road and remembered that I never did follow through on the second article I intended to write about the Daisy picking.  For those of you who have recently joined me on this icy adventure, I recommend you go back a few weeks and see the post concerning trash  pick up day here at McMurdo.

After throwing the litter in the big bin outside of my dormer, I was inspired.  So here goes.  WE RECYCLE!!

In the office...

In the office…

and in each break room.

and in each break room.








In fact, the entire population at McM take the  process very seriously and thoroughly.  From each individual office, as in the first picture, to every break room, as in the second.  We break down the trash to it’s lowest possible components and dispense with it as best we can.  There are individual trash cans labeled for each of the component parts, and each person is expected to follow through on the proper disposal.  The offices are easy:  Mostly paper …

[and candy wrappers 😛  ]

The work stations often employ more trash cans than those you see in the second picture of the VMF break room.  Sawdust bins at the carpenter’s shop,  broken glass in the electricians shop, or four different drums for the various liquid wastes generated by our mechanics when they overhaul an engine, just to name the obvious.

Heavy MetalAll the rest







Then, behind each of the workplaces are the big bins.  It doesn’t take a full week to fill some of them, so our sanitation crew is hopping all week long to make sure the big bins get moved into the recycling center quickly and efficiently.  Each bin is labeled, and as is the case behind the VMF, there are additional bins for odd items that only our location will generate – the ferrous and heavy metal bins.   Cardboard, food waste, mixed paper, wood even oily rags are all considered, consolidated and controlled.  It makes it possible for us to sell the scrap to those locations who can do the final stages of recycling.

And of course as litter boxes go, sometimes it’s best to handle the nastiness with a sense of humor.  These pretty little boxes are located outside of the hyper masculine Helipad, Believe It Or Not!

Helicopter Humor?

Helicopter Humor?


2 thoughts on “Scrappy McMurdo

  1. How cool! ARE there cats at McMurdo? I guess if there are vermin, cats would be useful. Any dogs? Seriously, what are these bins for? really kitty litter? feminine products?!
    TIm, this blog is really fun, thanks for doing this! Hugs, Arlyn

    • No cats…Caterpillars, as in tractors! These big bins are for holding the broken pieces of trucks and vehicles that can’t be used again. There was nothing in the picture that gives perspective, but the larger of the two boxes is about 8 foot by 4 foot on the floor. I spoke with one of the ground crew members out at the heli-pad, and he said there was just free time and an excess of pink paint, so they did something crazy on the night shift. Crazy for fun is good down here. Crazy for real is a distinct possibility if your not having fun. Tim Also there are no vermin here, except for some of the guys who work in the water processing plant! HA!

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