Jan 28, 31′ WC 26′

Good morning every one.
I think we are back on track now. I worked the evening shift on Sunday, and went home to do laundry and other necessary things around the dorm. We have a program called house mouse here. The residents of the hall are responsible for it’s upkeep on a weekly basis. Depending on your work schedule you fit the time it takes into your workday as best you can to do the chores around the building, like vacuuming, sorting and taking out the trash or cleaning up some of the common areas. It is considerably more effort than taking out the trash at your own house, but can be fun when there is a second person helping out.
I have found each of my “mouse-ing” experiences fun, because, as I have told you in an earlier blog, people around here are very friendly and pitch in when they have time. Others just pitch in so they can make new friends, or because they haven’t seen an old friend for weeks. At this time of year, the workload itself can be pretty consuming, I have not seen some of the people I went to Happy Camper with since we got off the Haaglund.  I may say hello to them in the hall, or wave to them on the street, but now that I am working nights, I hardly ever see the day time people except in passing.  I am actually seeing more of the penguins than I am of some of my early season friends…somehow that is just not an even trade off for the extraverted me.

We have now what we hope is the final word concerning the arrival of our resupply vessel.  It will arrive on Friday as close to noon as possible, and the offload will commence as soon, within reason, as she is secured at the peer.  We currently have the fuels vessel docked and pumping our new winter reserves.  That should be completed tomorrow morning at the latest, and I will be back at the peer to let her go.  The process of releasing a ship is relatively easy, so I wont miss too much sleep even though it will undoubtedly take place during my bedtime.  It is Friday that concerns me.  I will need to be at the peer at noon for the supply ship arrival, and the task at hand for receiving a ship of that size is considerably more difficult and time consuming.  I will count my blessings if I am back in the dorm, much less in bed before 1pm, to sleep before my new shift begins at 6pm.

Vessel off load is all consuming for the people in supply, my department.  We are scheduled for 12 hour days, Friday through the weekend, and continuing until the ship is both empty of the goods we will receive, but also reloaded with the trash, and scientific gear that is being returned for study.  We will have placed on this particular return trip a refrigerated box bringing Antarctic ice cores back stateside for continuing  research.   And that makes me happy.

Below you’ll find some of the photos I did not have time to put in yesterday.  I recommend you take the time to go back through the blog to the beginning.  I have, overtime, gone back to earlier blogs and inserted pictures that fit the stories I had written when I didn’t have the camera available.









In case you forgot where I am.

In case you forgot where I am.










This guy was no help at all.

This guy was no help at all.










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