Jan. 30, 2014 19′ WC 8′

My apologees… I seam to have mis-spelled the word pier on several occaisions in the earleyr blogs.  I try 2  use spell chequer ever day, but sum  words just get passed it.

Of course I’m being silly now.  But I happened to walk past a sign that had that word spelled correctly, and I thought, where is my magic marker when I need it?  I should fix this problem.  When I got home I looked it up in the dictionary and low and behold, BAZZINGA on me.  Oh how I miss the Big Bang Theory!

That leads me to a quick topic I would like to cover about the television stations available here.  There is one from Australia that comes in quite well, and I am beginning to decipher the Aussie accent, although I am certain I wont be trying to imitate it anytime soon.  They have long and scary sounding vowels, and some have an “rrr” sound that only a Scotsman could appreciate.  I’ll stick to imitating the Irish as best I can.  Not that it’s any easier, but because I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.  I find it odd to come home from a hard days work to find that I’m watching Australian children’s programing, but that happens at 6:00am. And a good laugh is in itself a good thing.

Which brings me to “The Late, Late show with Craig Ferguson” which, curiously enough comes on here at about 6:00am also. It must be the NBC affiliate for Armed Forces Network, because I can’t think of any other reason he’d be on at this hour anywhere in the free world. It is prime time in my day, but early, early by any other standard. I love that guy! Such a devilish sense of humor and complete disregard for propriety. I will miss living in McMurdo if for only that reason because I can’t possibly watch his show at home in Denver. It comes on too late for me. Perhaps I can get that TiVo device after all…

There is also the Armed Forces Network, which I LOVE because they make it possible for me to see the Broncos games.  I had the chance to see the Notre Dame Bowl game as a repeat, and then I shifted to the night crew, I can now watch the NFL Sunday games as if I were watching live Monday night football.  That 20 hours ahead thing is working out pretty well. Although the work week will not pause for me during Super Bowl Sunday, I hope to find it on the radio somehow. I will be into the third day of Vessel off-load, the paramount reasons why I have invested myself here in the US Antarctic Program. Those of us who work in Supply will be up to our necks in materials and equipment operations. So when we are off, entertainment will as relaxing as we can get it…feet up in front of the tube.

We do have two movie channels, and many of the best movies that were available during the past year were also available to us. If we handle things properly, as soon as a movie is released on DVD we can get it here on the next available flight. So, while I haven’t seen the second “Hobbit” yet, I have seen all of the “Lord of the Rings” movies, and a dozen other slapstick comedies and horror flicks that my brilliant (and easily grossed-out) Jenny would never let me watch at home. And the video library is most impressive too! Must be more than 3000 DVD’s to choose from, and players available to borrow for your room. We have a corner on the market of low intensity entertainment…although I would still rather be dancing!

We have two other channels for local news and information. They are more formal giving 10 second visual advertisements about local activities and classes, as well as weather updates and information concerning flights on and off the ice. One of these usually has the back ground music chosen by one of the local people doing a shift as DJ playing his favorite music for two hours a day. Then 3 or 4 other DJ’s get a turn playing their favorites. We have a very eclectic bunch down here at McM. I have in fact heard Willie Nelson followed immediately by Ice-T, Justin Beeber, and Sister Sledge. The DJ’s pride themselves on fun over format. And that makes me happy. The second of the TV channels that show advertisements usually has a NATL Public Radio broadcast for several hours and then runs a couple hours of Rush Limbaugh. It is amazing to me how well integrated this community is. And that makes me happy too.

So, now is your chance to go out this weekend and do something fun. Make me jealous. {Not you Jenny.}
But the rest of you go bowling, or to the theatre. Maybe an indoor swimming pool? Ice-skating? But you must all be home in time to watch the Broncos play on Sunday. Then we can all be together in spirit.


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