Happy Valentines Day! 16′ WC 3′ 15mph sustained winds

It snowed today on Feb 14th.   I did what shoveling needed to be done here, which is very little because the wind just moves it where it wants it and you can’t do a thing about it.

I bet it snowed across most of the Eastern seaboard, stateside.  But hopefully not at all in Denver.  Shoveling the driveway is my job back at the house.  I have been keenly aware of the weather reports in the last few weeks, knowing that I have left a lot of my responsibilities to my lovely wife at home while I am down here.

There are moments of genuine regret that make me shiver worse than anything the Antarctic cold has thrown at me here.  There is a profound sense of loss… no, absence in this beautiful place.  These sweeping vistas and joyful penguins and laughing, happy new friends can never fill the void that is my love for my Jenny.

I thank her for her confidence in me to do this wonderful thing.  I thank her for supporting me in the multitude of applications and physicals and interviews and background checks that opened her up to scrutiny as well.   I recognize her strength as a person, and I realize I didn’t leave a thing that she could not handle on her own.

I sometimes wish I had never left her side for that very reason.  She doesn’t need me.  She loves me.  And that makes this the best and the worst Valentines Day ever.  It will clearly rank as the most memorable.  Simply because if I can help it, we will never be apart on this date again.

Happy Valentines day to all of you who are reading this.  Remember to tell the ones you love just how important they are to you.   It’ll make you feel great.  I promise.

Jenny!  Happy Valentines Day my love.♥





2 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day! 16′ WC 3′ 15mph sustained winds

  1. Most precious man! God, I love you! Can’t wait for you to be home, but at the same time, I’m so glad you got to have this amazing adventure. Enjoy your last week, and know that I will be there to scoop you up at the airport. This time, and from any other adventure you ever want to go on again.

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